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My name Luz Maria, translates to "Mary of Light". It is not a stage name or a name fabricated for business purposes. It is a name that was given at birth by my mother. She was probably inspired by The Creator(s) to do so.

From a young age I have used my special gift to bring light into the lives of many people and continue these joyful duties everyday.

I am considered a gifted spiritualist that adheres to the true belief of spiritualism, which is the belief in "The Creator(s)".

While connected with the Creator(s)'s Angels and Spirit helpers, I am empowered with the ability to effectively decipher many realities of spiritualism. These include: channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, exorcism, divination, tarots, manifestations, psychic revelations, dream interpretations, spiritual cleansing, movement of negative energies and prayer blessings.

I use these gifts to assist me in guiding you to solve your personal, health and spiritual problems. This helps you to obtain peace, happiness and prosperity.

I don't have any degrees such as a B.A., D.D., PhD. or B.S. Nor do I have any psychic certificates. What I do have, is a more important credential than all of the above, that is the special spiritual gift to call on the angels and the spirits so I can advise and help humanity to have an enjoyable existence on earth and a peaceful spiritual existence in the after-life.

Spiritualism is universal and can be used to help anyone that so desires it. It is the oldest form of religion, existing from the beginning of time when the universe was created. Let me guide you and help you to use this belief in The Creator(s), The spirit helpers and The angels. You can become the beneficiary of many rewards generated from my wonderful gift.

I know I was put on this earth to take away the darkness from your life and replace it with light and happiness. Problems large or small can be addressed, and with my special gift, I, Luz Maria, can help you solve them.


Health, happiness and abundance can be yours. You deserve it!

Permit me to assist you in achieving your goals.

I am constantly consulting and helping people from different religious backgrounds.

You also could have a special gift but, if you are involved in one of the popular organized religions, it will be very difficult for you to develop your special gift. It will create conflict if you reveal your ability to manifest and call on angels or spirit helpers; you will be considered as doing evil or adhering to devil worship.

Most of your prominent church leaders lack the knowledge of the first and true religion, which is Spiritualism. Don't let these leaders keep you in darkness as they have done to humanity for many years. Come into the light and gain knowledge.

Don't follow the path of ignorance.


I, Luz Maria am a spiritualist; one of the earthly helpers of The Creator(s). I believe in the Creator(s), and the acknowledgement of The angels, The spirit helpers and the gifted earthly helpers. So let me help in guiding you to achieve your quest in life.

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