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Many times when we have problems that trouble us mentally, physically or spiritually, we run to the church or house of worship looking for help.

Yes, these places can help you to feel good on the surface, but in most cases, the churches and organized religions does not deal with the root cause of your problems.

For example, when you have a headache and take an asprin, it only relieves the symptoms, without solving the root causes.

To help you solve the root causes of your mental and physical problems, you need a trained physician.

On the other hand, to help you solve your personal and spiritual problems, you need a gifted spiritualist who can analyze and help you solve the root causes of your problems.
Consult with Luz Maria when your personal and spiritual problems bother you!!

1.- Send an e-mail to consult with Luz Maria, when your personal and spiritual problems bother you.

2.- Using the online paypal credit card or E-check payment system, you can donate thru a secured and protected verification system.

3.- You can also received a consultation by sending a money order donation and a letter to Luz Rahman, 172 fifth avenue, P.M.B. #165,

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217.

N.Y. Residents - 8 1/2 % Sales Tax extra.
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During my readings, I am very accurate at seeing your personal and spiritual problems and suggesting solutions to help you to solve them.

I can not guarantee 100% accuracy, only The "Creator" can accomplish this.

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