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  • Blessing Herbs

I use Blessing Herb formulas to remove negative forces from your life. I use different formulas to bring love, happiness and enjoyment into your life.

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  • Blessing Incense

The Bible states that incense was used to create a spiritual environment for prayer and worshipping ceremonies. It was also used before biblical times for the same purpose in North Africa (Egypt).

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  • Blessing Powders

Blessing powders are used in many ways. They can be sprinkled upon any object or person. You can also burn them on charcoal to attract or repel specific aims.

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  • Holistic Healing

There are natural roots and herbs that God put on this earth to help us keep the mind and body in a healthy state.

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  • Music Request Form

Music not only soothes the savage beast; it can soothe the mind, body and spirit. Music can be used to create powerful vibrations and so change the atmosphere that surrounds you. Music is great for meditation and many other spiritual endeavors.

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  • Blessing Prayers and Astrological Necklaces

Prayer is a form of communication between you, the Creator, His angels, and His spirit helpers. If you never communicate then your wishes, desires and hopes will never be known. You must learn how to pray, if you wish to achieve fulfillment.

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  • Blessing Consultations

A blessing consultation can be used to help you with problems of the mind, body and spirit.

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