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  • Spirit worship.
  • The divine worship of the great spirit, "The Creator(s)".
  • The belief in "The Creator(s)", The angels and The spirit helpers.
  • The ideal way of life and the after life.
  • The first religion and the root of all other forms of religion.

Trees, oils, plants, flowers, minerals, stones, music and prayers, also candles are essential elements in the belief of spiritualism.

Spiritualism covers all facets of life, and can provide solutions; be it spiritual, emotional or physical.

When you were born, you became two existents: one an earthly body that appears in a visible form which is temporary, and the other, a spirit entity which is invisible to most naked eyes and everlasting. After death, the earthly body decays and becomes non-existent but the spirit entity continues on forever under the control of The Creator(s).

The old saying: "You reap what you sow" holds true today. Any actions done by the earthly body will affect the existence of the spirit entity after death. That is why you should strive to have your mind, body and spirit work in harmony to achieve a peaceful and spiritual existence for your earthly body and spirit entity while you exist on Earth. Therefore, your spirit entity can have a peaceful existence in the hereafter. This is best accomplished through the practice of spiritualism.

If you are an evil and vile person while your earthly body is in existence, these same traits will continue in the eternal existence of your spirit entity. When some evil spirits are separated from their earthly bodies, they sometimes continue to perform the evil deeds that they practiced when connected with their earthly bodies, causing havoc and creating spiritual, emotional and physical problems for earthly inhabitants.

While these spirits were in earthly bodies, their evil deeds could be controlled by penal means such as jails, etc. After death, when they depart from their earthly bodies, control of these evil spirits are accomplished by The Creator(s), The angels, The spirit helpers and the gifted earthly helpers. The Creator(s) gives them powers to control and remove these rebellious spirits. This is called spiritualism, not devil worship, as your church leaders would like you to believe.

According to the bible, when Jesus was on Earth, he was a prime example of a spiritualist who did, in fact, practice spiritualism to control evil spirits and perform healings. He worshipped God, the Father, saying: "I can do nothing without the Father". During that time, Jesus was an earthly helper of The Creator(s). Now he is a spirit helper of The Creator(s).

The Creator(s) is not an old man sitting on a throne behind two pearly gates with a big book in his hand checking to see who can enter Heaven and who will go to Hell. Heaven and Hell are states of the mind. They have no geographical location. The Creator(s) is everywhere, and is a creative universal spirit. Those who believe in the Creator(s) are spiritualist, practicing spiritualism, which is the religion of The Creator(s).

According to the Bible, "God helps those who help themselves". Don't try to place your burdens on the shoulders of others, asking them to SAVE YOU. You are the only one that can SAVE YOURSELF. This is accomplished by seeking knowledge and understanding. You then can develop a plan of salvation, creating a better existence for your earthly body and, after death, a peaceful existence for your spirit entity in the hereafter. Adhering to the practice of spiritualism you can achieve these goals.

Break the chains of CONFUSION that bind you, then you can develop your spirituality. Bear in mind: The Creator(s) is the GREAT SPIRIT. If you worship the GREAT SPIRIT then you are a SPIRITUALIST, practicing SPIRITUALISM.

"Ignorance breeds fear, contempt and destruction"

These four principles apply to your spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

*Learn the.........TRUTH

Remember - God, Allah, Jehovah or whatever name that you might use for the Creator(s), he did not organize religions. Man created religious organizations, formulating and injecting his individual ideas and beliefs into them.

Religions can be helpful to mankind, if they are formulated with the belief in the Creator(s), which is the worship of spiritualism. If these religions are formulated with the ideas and the beliefs of man that his religious organization is the best and the only salvation for mankind. Then at that point, religion becomes evil and creates division and destruction for mankind.

Religions have many ideologies and beliefs interjected by man, but true spiritualism has only one idelogy, that is the belief in the great spirit(The Creator(s), The Angels, The Spirit Helpers and The gifted Earthly Helpers.

Last but not Least-- To achieve the benefits of spiritualism, you must think positive, have confidence, faith, understanding and belief in "yourself".

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